This promotion finished on the 1st of October 2018.

You know what they say — “Good things come in threes”…

Well here’s a little secret for ya: They don’t. Our brains just tend to recognize triplets easily.

One is an accident, two is a trend (now we start looking out for another good thing) then BINGO—Three makes a pattern.

This is an effect known as confirmation bias. The human brain is great at finding patterns, even when there are none.

(It’s also great at reminding you of cringy things you did years ago as you try to get to sleep.)

However, we say “fuck it” to confirmation bias, cause we have 3 ‘good things’ happening right now:

1. We just launched our new website.

2. We have a sexy, new logo to go with it.

3. We’re running our Rocket–Launch Promo.

“What on Earth is a Rocket–Launch Promo!?” you ask?

Welp, we’re sending 3 lucky clients on a rocket to Mars!*

*Disclaimer: Does not include meet-and-greet with Elon.

OK… Not really, but our real promotion is (almost) just as good!

Big Sender is a young startup and we want a chance to prove that we can get you more than just a return on your investment with us.

So we’re offering to work FREE until we increase your store’s revenue by at least 10%.

Normally to maintain our services, a retainer of is $1,997 charged at the beginning of every month, plus a small percentage of email marketing revenue.

With our Rocket–Launch Promo, if you sign on as a client before the 1st of October 2018, the retainer will be 100% refunded at the end of each month until we increase your overall store revenue by at least 10%.

Also included in the promo:

  • 50% off the setup fee.
  • 0% of your email marketing revenue for the first 6 months of our partnership.

Without a smart email marketing system integrated into your store, you’re literally leaving money on the table!

This offer is only available until the 1st of October, contact us today.

If you have any questions (like ‘How much is setup?’) they have hopefully been answered in our FAQ section. If not, shoot us a message!

I hope we hear from you soon!

All the best,



Ben has years of experience opening, reading and replying to emails. He now sends them professionally.

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