Email Marketing Service

From: $2,997.00 / month

A completely done-for-you email marketing service. Focus on what you do best (running a successful online store) while we super-charge your email marketing.

Email content creation, copywriting, any sale or promotion you want to implemented is executed, list cleaning, spam testing, A/B split testing and regular reporting of your results.

  • 1 month
  • 6 months
  • 12 months


This is a completely done-for-you email marketing service. You can focus on what you do best (running a successful online store) while we super-charge your email marketing. This monthly service includes:

  • Email copywriting and content creation.
  • A 3-month schedule including email sending dates and promotion dates.
  • Any campaigns, product launches or sale ideas you have for your stores, we’ll design and executed the email component.
  • Any email related marketing automations you need, will be implemented and tested for you.
  • We email your list frequently to ensure they stay engaged with your brand.
  • Monthly reports outlining results and your ROI.
  • Each campaign is crafted by email marketing experts.
  • Email experts ensure that your emails are delivered, opened and clicked on so you make more sales.
  • We keep you out of the spam folder by sending compelling (and mobile-friendly) content that’s been tested against spam filters. Customers will look forward to your emails in their inbox.
  • We consistently test campaign and subject line performance to increase open rates.
  • Re-engagement campaigns are used to win back inactive subscribers, however, if they’re unsuccessful, unengaged subscribers are removed from your email list so only people who want to receive your emails are marketed to.

After surveying your list, we usually begin to send out one content based email per week. This is adjusted after we have time to test different frequencies with your audiences.

Additional emails can be interjected for certain events. For example, when there is a timely promotion, current event or news update for your audience, these emails are simply sent in addition to the weekly content email.

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