The Email Machine


Over time, strategies will change and new tactics will emerge. But investing in your own machine today will establish a powerful email marketing system for your store that your business will profit from for years to come.


The Machine is an email marketing system that you own forever… It includes:

  • A review of your current email system and database.
  • Analysis of your store and it’s niche so every email sent is aligned with your brand.
  • Segmentation of your current email database and implementation of segment rules so each list segment remains highly targeted.
  • Custom designed email templates for your newsletters, promos, sales and product launches that you can use anytime.
  • Marketing automations triggered by specific customer behaviors
    (E.g. Automatic Review Request being sent after a customers order has been fulfilled).
  • Automated email campaigns.
  • Creation and design of a lead magnet and the implementation of a popup or banner that displays the offer to visitors of your website.
    Lead Magnet: Something your audience considers valuable enough to hand over their email in exchange for. A timeless piece of marketing material which will bring you leads for years to come. For ecommerce stores, we usually suggest a simple discount, however it might be a report, guide, infographic or video. 

Over time, strategies will change and new tactics will emerge, but the fundamentals you’re investing in today will always serve your business.

Email Campaigns included in The Machine include:

  • Cart Abandon
  • Browse Abandon
  • New Customer Welcome series
  • Return Customer series
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell Emails
  • Review Email Request & Reward Sequence
  • Win-back campaign for customers that haven’t purchased in a while
  • Transaction Email Upgrades

Setup of The Machine takes exactly 6 weeks assuming we can all stick to deadlines. We refuse to have it take longer but it won’t take less, simply because it would be impossible to get this amount of campaigns written at the standard we demand of ourselves.

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