Facebook Messenger Ecombot Setup


This is a completely done-for-you Facebook Messenger Chatbot setup. You can focus on what you do best (running a successful online store) while we build a powerful Chatbot tailored to your store. Your Chatbot will have 2 full broadcast sequences installed, optin messages, a welcome message, greeting, 15 keyword responses, menu, any 3 growth tools, abandoned cart flow, review requests, 5 FAQ article integrations, 5 custom branded GIFs and a Messenger ad design.


Setup Includes:

  • 2 Full Sequences (containing 4 flows each)
  • Welcome Message
  • Opt-In Messages
  • Greeting Message
  • Default Reply
  • 15 Keyword Responses
  • Main Menu Content
  • Any 3 Growth Tools
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Review Requests
  • 5 FAQ Article Integration
  • 5 Custom Branded GIFs
  • Messenger Ad Design


Fees do not include the purchase of third party software, services or content.

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